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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Insecticycle Cobra-La Fast Attack Vehicle Kwinn_Lives
Krokodil Oktober Guard Attack Helicopter Kwinn_Lives
MOBAT Main Battle Tank Kwinn_Lives
PEST Patrol, Extraction, Squad Transport Kwinn_Lives
PINSER Powered Interdiction Skirmisher Kwinn_Lives
Push Pull Drag Service Vehicle Blood Brigade
RAM Mark II Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Kwinn_Lives
Rapier XF-22P Air Superiority Fighter Kwinn_Lives
Retaliator Multi-Role Helicopter Kwinn_Lives
Roadrunner Reconnaissance Motorcycle Kwinn_Lives
Skystriker XP-14F Interceptor-fighter Kwinn_Lives
Skystriker XP-14F(B) Interceptor-fighter Kwinn_Lives
Snow Cat Arctic Attack Vehicle Kwinn_Lives
STORCC Short Take-Off Rocket Cargo Carrier Kwinn_Lives
Storm Eagle XF-23R Light Stealth Fighter Kwinn_Lives
Super FANG Cobra Attack Helicopter Kwinn_Lives
Switchblade Cobra Jump Jet Kwinn_Lives
VAMP Overland Allterain Vehicle Blood Brigade
Vampire Cobra Light Fighter Kwinn_Lives
VERMIN Vehicle: Reconnaissance, Mobile Infiltration Kwinn_Lives
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