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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Sonic Fighters _AMP the VAMP is ready to ROCK! Goofateer
Squiny Rat Small Recon Allterrain Tiger Vehicle (4x4 RC) g.i. joeian
Stinger Mk 4.0 Urban Night Attack vehicle (UNAV) Riz23
Stomper Water Demon Amphibious DREMEL
The Crusher Dreadnok Bigfoot DREMEL
Thunder Machine 2.0 Destruction,carnage,and road rage Zombiejoe68
Thunder Trike High Speed All-Terrain Vehicle Sgt.Rican
Tiger Cart Utility Terrain Vehicle pluv
Tiger Force A.W.E. Striker Off-Road Vehicle carnage717
Tiger Growl Tiger Force All-Terrain Assault Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Stun Cobra Stun repurposed for Tiger Force drgeary77
Venom Striker Coil Field Commander's Vehicle crimson jackal
Vermin Fast Recon and Infiltration punkrock-n-roll
Weasel 4x4 All-Terrain Scout Vehicle Stormavik
Z-Force Dingo Outback operations Goofateer
Zombie Trax zombie fortified ATV DREMEL
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