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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Python Patrol Water Moccasin Water Moccasin undergone Pythonization drgeary77
S.W.O.R.D FISH Small Naval Attack/Recon Craft arsh81
Sea Snake Cobra Commander's Private Yacht 5AgainstOne
Seahog TF3AV Fast Attack Watercraft tristanx
Shadow Moccasin Cobra Night Assault Craft OreoBuilder
Shipwreck's Santa Maria Taking out Cobra Eels KeepItCleanCustoms
Skink Mini Assault Water Craft indrox1
Soviet Patrol Boat Oktober shore patrol DREMEL
Stealth Raft Infiltration short range boat lmateo002
Stingray Fast Attack Watercraft Stormavik
Swamp H.o.p.p.e.r. High OutPut Patrol & Evasion Runner saigon kick
Swamp Hog Swamp Boat moonkngt
Swamp Landing Dreadnok Raft Watercraft vintagetoystuff
Swamp Patrol Dreadnok Watercraft vintagetoystuff
Swordfish Attack Boat Grand Slam
TACAL Tactical Assault Craft Amphibious Lander OreoBuilder
Tidal Wave Hovertank Naval Warfare Blood Brigade
Tiger Force Moray Hydrofoil Tiger Force Attack Boat Python Viper
Tiger Force W.H.A.L.E. Tiger Force Transport Vehicle carnage717
Tiger Moray Fast Attack Torpedo Boat iwbeta
Tiger Shark Moray G.I. Joe Hydrofoil carnage717
Tiger Wind Swamp Boat Tsunami
TUGG Tug artillery boat zorpoxthedestroyer
USS Jane Frigate-class Vessel/Carrier Escort Midgarn
Water Moccasin Tigerjet TigerForce Killer TankTop
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