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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Python Patrol Mauler Python Armor Python Viper
Python Striker Python Patrol AWD vehicle Grey Ranger
RAGE 788th repaint Cobrafirefly84
Raging Bull Faulkner Group Main Battle Tank Phobus
Rapture Troop and vehicle transport / command post seyms
RINO Urban Halftrack TankTop
Scrap Heap anti- armor vehicle punkrock-n-roll
Shadowtrak Red Shadows Attack Vehicle LIVEVIL
Skull Urban Combat ToneGuns
Slammer AR-3 Warbot Doc Rob
Slaughter Slobberknocker Tank Smasher Blood Brigade
Slaughters Marauders M1 Abrams Assault Squad Command Vehicle NIKOLAI
Snakes Head Assault Vehicle Blood Brigade
Snow OX Arctic weather anti-aircraft battery and SAR g.i. joeian
SPA3S11OG Hocopor (Rhinoceros) Self-Propelled Artillery tristanx
Spartan APC All terrain Troop Transport Jogunwarrior
Stinger Heavy Armor Combat vehucle Blood Brigade
Stinger MKII 50th Anniversary Stinger Dusty79
Swamp Donkey and Slough Shark Swamp/Bush Recon GordDawg
TGA-7 ULITKA Heavy Tracked Artillery/Self-Propelled tristanx
THE BEAST Night Force VAMP g.i. joeian
Thunder Machine M.A.R.S. Industries Concept Vehicle Dusty79
Thunder Machine v.2 Dreadnok Assualt tank Andrew Pinpoint
Tiger Force HISS Captured Cobra HISS re-outfitted for TF drgeary77
Tow Cat G.I. JOE Tow Truck Blood Brigade
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