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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.T.A.V Adventure Team Artic Vehicle toy-nutz
Acid Wolf Toxic Cobra Arctic Attacker HasbroContinuation
Arctic Blast II Arctic weather fast attack g.i. joeian
Arctic Chill Arctic Terrain Vehicle THE Mike
Arctic Fly Arctic HQ Air Support bayou benny
Arctic HISS Arctic Infantry Support Tank OreoBuilder
Arctic Ice Ray Arctic Sea Air vintagetoystuff
Arctic Maggot Arctic vintagetoystuff
Arctic Shadow/H.I.S.S. Tank Arctic Heavy Armored Division mrgrizzlymosher
Arctic Stinger Arctic vintagetoystuff
Arctic Stinger Cobra's Snow Attack Jeep CrimsonTwins
Arctic Thing Arctic ATV Adventure Team support drbindy
Arctic Troop Carrier Arctic Ops Gramps
Arctic VAMP Snowier version of the classic VAMP Splintershins
Arctic WOLF and Pups Arctic assault vehicles opiewan1
Arctic Wolverine Arctic Cobra Wolverine vintagetoystuff
Battle Bear Mk 2 Polar Fast-Attack Snowmobile Midgarn
Black Ice Snake High Speed Artic Night Ops vehicle Scramble
Bumblebee / Snow Cat A.A.D. - Arctic Autobot Division, Crossover mrgrizzlymosher
Cobra Arctic Fox Light Recon Vehicle. CobraTheSilencer
Cobra Black Bear ATV Blood Brigade
Cobra Grey Wolf Arctic Assault Vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra H.A.R.S.H. Heavy Armor Retrofit Snow HISS GI JONNY
Cobra half track All terrain troop carrier kramer 70
Cobra Ice Bear Cobra North Snowmobile THE Mike
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