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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.W.E. Striker All Weather and Environment Assault Vehicle Baltimoron
A.W.E. Striker MkII All Weather and Environment Assault Vehicle tristanx
Adventure Team Moon Buggy Sweet Ride joemichaels70
Badger Cobra All Weather Environment Vehicle Tunnel Rat
Black Badger Night Striker Blood Brigade
Cobra Arctic Fox Light Recon Vehicle. CobraTheSilencer
Cobra Black Bear ATV Blood Brigade
Cobra Black Widow 4x4 Scout Vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra Night Ops Buggy Rapid attack vehicle DREMEL
Cobra Sand Buggy Light Attack Vehicle DREMEL
Death Cart High speed land assault vehicle ShaggyP
DPV MK II Desert Patrol Vehicle Mark 2 ogre_h
Dreadnok Mud Slinger Extreme 4x4 Buggy DREMEL
Dreadnoks Mudslinger Swamp Cruiser 4wd Jeep bcost74
GI JOE Buckshot Off Road vehicle Blood Brigade
GI JOE FROG ATV Blood Brigade
Grasshopper High Speed All Terrain Attack Vehicle Phobus
Grizzly Assualt Vehicle Blood Brigade
Maniac 2 Mobile Armed Night Interceptor A-Class Phobus
Night Fox Assualt vehicle Blood Brigade
Predator Dreadnok's SUV bcost74
S.C.A.B. Desert Scout Communications and Assault Buggy Cobrafirefly84
Striker II Fast Assault Vehicle Stormavik
Tiger Force A.W.E. Striker Off-Road Vehicle carnage717
Urban Strike A.W.E Vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
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