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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Autobot cars GI Joe-Autobot task force AntonioDR
Black Badger Night Striker Blood Brigade
Cobra Amtrak APC Troop Carrier Blood Brigade
Cobra Blood Bath Urban Assault Tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Blue Bird Helicopter Blood Brigade
Cobra Blue Bomber Bomber Plane Blood Brigade
Cobra Grey Wolf Arctic Assault Vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra Jaguar Special operations vehicle Blood Brigade
Cobra Navy Stinger Navy Kayak Team with Rapids Viper Blood Brigade
Cobra Patrol Vehicle Patrol Blood Brigade
Cobra Skycrane Transport, Ground Support jlw515
Cobra Swamp Smasher Swamp Vehicle Blood Brigade
F/A-18 Hornet Jolly Rogers multi-role fighter AntonioDR
Funskool Action Force Skystriker Air superiority fighter AntonioDR
GhostStriker F-16 (Hi-Lo strategy) Multi-role fighter AntonioDR
GI JOE Buckshot Off Road vehicle Blood Brigade
Grim Reapers B-2 ATB Strategic stealth bomber AntonioDR
Grim Reapers Bloodfighter Light bomber AntonioDR
Grim Reapers Nightboomer VFA-101 Air superiority fighter AntonioDR
Grim Reapers SkySweeper Stealth attack aircraft AntonioDR
HAVOC MK2 Assault Vehicle Blood Brigade
HISS, Crimson Crimson Guard High Speed Sentry Tank Pyre
Iron HISS High Speed Assault Tank Blood Brigade
Iron Nightmare Main Battle Tank Blood Brigade
Jetfire Air guardian AntonioDR
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