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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.W.E. Striker All Weather and Environment Assault Vehicle Baltimoron
AWE Striker Special Issue Desert Leopards TeknoKyo
Black Brahma Longhorn's Ride beav
Black Ice Snake High Speed Artic Night Ops vehicle Scramble
Cheetah Desert FAV (fast attack vehicle) Delta Team
Cobra S.A.V.A.G.E. Small Attack Vehicle (Artic Gamut Engagement) GI JONNY
Cobra Sidewinder Fast Attack Vehicle Delta Team
Coyote FAV4 Fast Attack Vehicle tristanx
DPV MK II Desert Patrol Vehicle Mark 2 ogre_h
Grasshopper High Speed All Terrain Attack Vehicle Phobus
H.A.V. Heavily Armored Vehicle WoLF
Iron Grenadier Iron Anvil Hight Tech Tank Blood Brigade
Maniac 2 Mobile Armed Night Interceptor A-Class Phobus
Negator Heavily Armed Fast Attack Vehicle Phobus
Shadow Striker Cobra Command Weapon fettsplace
Stun II Heavy Duty Fast Attack Vehicle nova
Viper FAV Lightweight Strike Vehicle for Viper Infantry Box
Warthog MK III All-terrain Combat Vehicle The Spectre
Zartan's Bike Weapons/Untraceability Sgt.Rican
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