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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A-10 Warthog Bomber / Fighter Jet carnage717
AH-1 COBRA Attack Helicopter m151guy
Arctic Fly Arctic HQ Air Support bayou benny
Black Bird Bomber Bomber Plane Blood Brigade
Cobra Fang Hellfire Ground assault gunship DREMEL
Cobra Nightstorm Helicopter Gunship Close Air Support starviper
Cobra P 40 Warhawk Air Force Blood Brigade
Cobra Pitbull Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra Sewer Rat Hovercraft Blood Brigade
Cobra Strafe Chopper Silent Attack/ Bombardment Helicopter Captain Tazer
Crimson Fly Crimson Air Support bayou benny
Crimson Gargoyle gunship helicopter DREMEL
Darkhawk Faulkner Group VTOL Gunship Phobus
Desert Gunship Anti armor troop transport ickzer1
Diamondback Rattler Wild Weasel's Private Dogfighter Vanishing Point
Dragonhawk Helicopter MK II (LHX) GI Joe Attack/Recon/Rescue Helicopter tmanthegreat
Dragonhawk XH2 Gyrefalcon Arctic Attack Chopper Dusty79
Hind XR4z Oktober Guard Assault/Transport Helicopter Stormavik
Holy Roller Mi-24 Hind Elite Transport Short Bus Kustoms
Iron Grenadier Iron Anvil Hight Tech Tank Blood Brigade
Iron Interceptor Fighter Jet Blood Brigade
Iron Mamba Attack Helicopter (General Mayhem) Airtight
KA-57 Howl Attack Helicopter Phobus
Locust Repainted evilsliderboy
Marauder Gunship Ground Attack, Covert Insertion Raphmeister
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