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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Chameleon Zartan's Swamp Ski Vanishing Point
Chaos Destiny Pirate Claire Lerouge's Ship bcost74
Cobra Amtrak APC Troop Carrier Blood Brigade
Cobra Blood Bath Urban Assault Tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Dreadnought Main battle tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Moray VII Cobra Fast Attack Vessel Lord Bodega
Cobra Night Ops Buggy Rapid attack vehicle DREMEL
Moray II (Sea Snake) Marine Operations Platform franz
Night Landing GI Joe Infiltration Craft OreoBuilder
Night Raven Midnight Bomber SS3b Underground hidden fortress destruction
Night Stalker Fast Attack Vehicle Otto the Otter
Seawing Infiltration Craft OreoBuilder
Skywing Stealth/Sonic Glider Sgt.Rican
Swamp Donkey and Slough Shark Swamp/Bush Recon GordDawg
Tiger Snake Tiger Force Spytroop Hydrosled Turbo_Magnus
Woodland Treadfire ZedCon Infiltration Unit Scrap-Iron
Zartan's Bike Weapons/Untraceability Sgt.Rican
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