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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A-TRAP ALl-Terrain Recon Assault Patrol vehicle SOCOM 6
A.T.A.V (Urban Strike Ver.2) All Terrain Assault Vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
Adventure Team Jeep All Terrain 4x4 Transport pluv
Arctic Stinger Cobra's Snow Attack Jeep CrimsonTwins
Austin Powers Jeep VAMP Jeep Kurtis1-72
Autobot cars GI Joe-Autobot task force AntonioDR
Autobot Hound Recon KeepItCleanCustoms
AWE Stryker II concept Open cockpit off road all purpose vehicle Figureware
Badger Cobra All Weather Environment Vehicle Tunnel Rat
Black Brahma Longhorn's Ride beav
Camuflaje todo Terreno All Terrain Jeep GI_Pacman
Cheetah Desert FAV (fast attack vehicle) Delta Team
Cheetah LMA-002 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Pentastar
CITS Cobra Island Transport Stinger bcost74
Cobra Commander Stinger Jeep (C.C.S.J) Drives Cobra Commander Joe
Cobra Coyote Desert Attack Jeep Tim 121RVC
Cobra Navy Stinger Navy Kayak Team with Rapids Viper Blood Brigade
Cobra S.C.U.T. Standard Cobra Utility Transport joemichaels70
Cobra SPEAR Special Purpose Escort / Armored Recon Ol man
Cobra Stinger Cobra Fast attack 4WD a.dream.deferred
Cobra Stinger Mark III High Speer Urban Assault Vehicle Riz23
Cobra Stinger Mark III High Speed Urban Assault Vehicle Riz23
Cobra STRIKE Rapid Assault Infantry Transport NetViper X
Cobra Troop Car light military vehicle. CobraTheSilencer
Coyote FAV4 Fast Attack Vehicle tristanx
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