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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.W.E. Striker Jungle Camo evilsliderboy
BMP-4 Badger Light Assault Vehicle Stormavik
Bullfrog Missile Delivery Vehicle DREMEL
Cobra Night Ops Buggy Rapid attack vehicle DREMEL
Cobra S.L.A.V.E. Cobra Soldier Light Artillery Vehicle Cobrafirefly84
Cobra Sand Buggy Light Attack Vehicle DREMEL
Desert A.W.E. Striker Desert Vehicle abdielo
DPV MK II Desert Patrol Vehicle Mark 2 ogre_h
Python Strike Python Patrol Light Assault Turbo_Magnus
Snow Striker Light Armor Artic Vehicle stang_211
Steel Brigade LAV (Light Armor Vehicle) Light armor support for the Steel Brigade Davestro
T-60/25 m Dushman Russian LAV balashivo
Task Force OMEGA (COG) D.P.V Recce & Hit & Run Ops aka DEATH on WH steel bonnet
Tiger Prowl Tiger Force Light Assault Turbo_Magnus
Viper FAV Lightweight Strike Vehicle for Viper Infantry Box
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