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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Anaconda Mobile Battle Fortress OreoBuilder
ASP Cobra Assault System Pod OreoBuilder
Attack raft fast boat 2DARK2C
AWE Crossfire Transport vehicle icecreamman
Conquest Liberty Air Show Conquest X-30 Dusty79
Cougar IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle OreoBuilder
Custom Chopper Sick Ride for the Hulkster 2DARK2C
D-63 Redbird Aerial Attack Drone Dusty79
DEMON Tank OreoBuilder
Dragonfire Attack Helicopter Dusty79
Dune Racer Adventure Team AWE Vehicle OreoBuilder
Flak Desert Anti-Aircraft Gun OreoBuilder
HARV-7 Battle Transport SWARM Hunters Heavy Attack Recovery Vehicle OreoBuilder
HISS Mk VI Fast Attack Tank Dusty79
Interceptor Mad Max's ride 2DARK2C
MAGGOT Cobra Mobile Artillery OreoBuilder
Night Cat Night Force Half-Track OreoBuilder
Ransacker SWARM Ground Drone Dusty79
Reaper SWARM Aerial Drone Dusty79
Safari Expedition Utility Vehicle OreoBuilder
Sand Wolf Cobra Desert Attack Vehicle OreoBuilder
Scatterblast Swoop Bike DanOfTheDead
Splitjaw Recon Bike Fast Recon Vehicle OreoBuilder
Starfox Helicopter SWARM Hunters Close Air Support Aircraft OreoBuilder
Street Hawk Motorcycle Rapid Attack Motorcycle OreoBuilder
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