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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra Firestorm Anti Aircraft Tank Blood Brigade
Cobra Navy Stinger Navy Kayak Team with Rapids Viper Blood Brigade
Real American Hero Ramjet Tiger Force drag bike DREMEL
Sky Shark Air Assault Blood Brigade
Squiny Rat Small Recon Allterrain Tiger Vehicle (4x4 RC) g.i. joeian
Tiger Bat Tiger Force Quick Response Interceptor Tsunami
Tiger Cart Utility Terrain Vehicle pluv
Tiger Claw Assault APC general havoc
Tiger Force Conquest Fighter Jet carnage717
Tiger Force HISS Captured Cobra HISS re-outfitted for TF drgeary77
Tiger Force Mamba Tiger Force Attack Chopper Python Viper
Tiger Force MOBAT Tiger Force Armor Python Viper
Tiger Force Mobat Mobat outfitted for Tiger Force drgeary77
Tiger Force Night Attack Chopper Combat Helicopter Mark M
Tiger Force Persuader Fast Attack Tank PoetFlint
Tiger Force R.H.I.N.O Ground/Air Attack Vehicle carnage717
Tiger Force S.H.A.R.C. Submarine / Aircraft carnage717
Tiger Force Silver Mirage Moto Espeto
Tiger Force Skyhawk Single-seated VTOL drgeary77
Tiger Force Skystriker F-14 Special Air Support carnage717
Tiger Force Snow Wolf Tiger Force Polar Assault Python Viper
Tiger Force W.H.A.L.E. Tiger Force Transport Vehicle carnage717
Tiger Growl Tiger Force All-Terrain Assault Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Hawk Vtol Jet DREMEL
Tiger HISS Tiger Force High Speed Sentry Tsunami
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