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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Anaconda Heavy Assault Tank gunzlingr
Autobot Warpath Transformers GI Joe crossover farmernick
Desert Viper Attack Tank CobraTheSilencer
F.A.D. (Forward Assault Drone) Remote Assault Drone Doc Rob
H.I.S.S. Mark 5 Long Range Artillery H.I.S.S. carnage717
H.I.S.S. Tank Winter H.I.S.S. Tank g.i. joeian
Half Track Suburban Assault Vehicle nova
HISS ASV (HAASV) Armored Ammunition Supply Vehicle franz
HISS II SMS Sentry Missile System Troop Carrier vintagetoystuff
Hiss V Viper Sentry System Alpha variant icebreaker
HISS Wrecker HISS recovery vehicle franz
Husky Tractor Tractor Blood Brigade
iHammer Tracked Vehicle, Hammer, Improved R/C 5AgainstOne
Iron HISS High Speed Assault Tank Blood Brigade
Iron Nightmare Main Battle Tank Blood Brigade
Landing Vehicle Tracked Assault troop and fire support vehicle Keenan
M.U.T.T. Multi Utility Transport Truck Blood Brigade
Mauler M1 Abrams Modern Main Battle Tank NIKOLAI
Night Terror Night Force Raider Dusty79
SA-10 Grail Mobile Missile Launcher Phobus
Sandstorm XM48A1 MBT (Main Battle Tank) tristanx
Sandtread Fast Attack Tank ebolt1
Scarab MLRS2 Multiple Launch Rocket System tristanx
Slammer AR-3 Warbot Doc Rob
Slaughters Marauders M1 Abrams Assault Squad Command Vehicle NIKOLAI
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