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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Autobot cars GI Joe-Autobot task force AntonioDR
Autobot Hound Recon KeepItCleanCustoms
Autobot Warpath Transformers GI Joe crossover farmernick
Beachcomber Fast Attack Vehicle + Transformers Crossover Dusty79
Blitzbat Transformers Crossover vintagetoystuff
BOPE's Transformers Bunkerbuster ToneGuns
Bumblebee Transformer and G.I.Joe Scout sgcaper
Bumblebee / Snow Cat A.A.D. - Arctic Autobot Division, Crossover mrgrizzlymosher
Cosmos Transformer sgcaper
Dreadnok Cycle Fast Attack Vehicle OreoBuilder
Enforcer Mech Stranglehold's Suit of Armor OreoBuilder
Gears Autobot Engineer Vanishing Point
Ground Commander Mech Road Block's Suit of Armor OreoBuilder
Ground Pound Cobra constructicon Transformer kramer 70
Hound VAMP MK-II - Transformers Crossover Dusty79
Hound Hummer HX Concept VAMP Dusty79
Iron Hide HISS Tank Autobot Cobra HISS Tank dedmanoncampus
Ironhide Robot in disguise Keenan
Jetfire Conquest X-30 Transformers Crossover Dusty79
Jetfire Air guardian AntonioDR
M.E.G.A.T.R.O.N. Teaming up with Destro to rule the world. 80s Child
Powermaster Prime Mechanized Assault Robot Mainframe
Prowl Transformer FNAadventures
Sergeant Kup Transformers Crossover Dusty79
Sideswipe G2 Autobot Warrior AntonioDR
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