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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team Jeep All Terrain 4x4 Transport pluv
Alley Viper Transport (AVT) Urban Warfare jedimaster76
ARBCO Moving and Storage Truck Moving and Storing... of EVIL! Immortalzodd
Arctic Chill Arctic Terrain Vehicle THE Mike
AWE Stryker II concept Open cockpit off road all purpose vehicle Figureware
Big Boy Transport Vehicle Bart
Black Hawk Personnel Carrier Helicopter abdielo
BOPE's Truck Transportation ToneGuns
Broadsword Consortium Transport Helicopter Phobus
CITS Cobra Island Transport Stinger bcost74
Cobra Amtrak APC Troop Carrier Blood Brigade
Cobra Anaconda ATT Transport Vehicle ramonesbootlegs
Cobra Cargo Transport & Humvee Transport ruination04
Cobra Constrictor Train, transport kramer 70
Cobra H.I.V.E. Hazardous Immensity Vehicular Enforcer Captain Tazer
Cobra Hiss Transport Heavy Transport Lord Bodega
Cobra Hydra Helicopter Troop and small vehicle insertion air support Cobrafirefly84
Cobra Island Personnel Carrier Troop Transport apacolypse
Cobra M113A2 APC Armored Troop Trasport ttjsledd
COBRA Mobile Infantry Assault Transport Mobile Infantry Assault Transport KrymsynGard666
Cobra S.C.U.T. Standard Cobra Utility Transport joemichaels70
Cobra Skycrane Transport, Ground Support jlw515
Cobra SMASH Savannah Guerrilla Vehicle - Prototype TARGAT
Cobra STRIKE Rapid Assault Infantry Transport NetViper X
Cobra Supply Truck Cobra Supply Truck redredly
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