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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Armadillo Assault Armored Personnel Carrier Turbo_Magnus
Assault Quad Operation: Exorcist Cobra Vehicles Turbo_Magnus
Fortress America Frontline Urban Assault/Mobile Firebase Turbo_Magnus
Hyena High Speed Assault Turbo_Magnus
Moray Built To Rule Hydrofoil Turbo_Magnus
Multi-purpose Exo-Frame - Resolute Bio-Neural Link Controled Assault Armor Turbo_Magnus
P.A.C. Rat - Artillery Programmable Attack Robot Turbo_Magnus
Python Blitz Python Patrol Armored Urban Assault Turbo_Magnus
Python Quezacotl Python Patrol Light Aerial Assault Turbo_Magnus
Python Strike Python Patrol Light Assault Turbo_Magnus
R.A.M. II Rapid Attack Motorcycle mark two Turbo_Magnus
R.E.V.A.M.P. Retrofit Extreme-environment VAMP Turbo_Magnus
Snake Blaster Assault Armored Personnel Carrier Turbo_Magnus
Stealth Falcon Stealth Assault Glider Turbo_Magnus
Thunderclash Battlefield Construction / Demolition Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Growl Tiger Force All-Terrain Assault Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Prowl Tiger Force Light Assault Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Snake Tiger Force Spytroop Hydrosled Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Stalk Tiger Force Command / Artillery Vehicle Turbo_Magnus
Tiger Whisker Tiger Force One-Man Hovercraft Turbo_Magnus
Trouble Bubble II Aerial Assault Pod Turbo_Magnus
X-22 Storm Eagle Aerial Interceptor Turbo_Magnus
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