Head: 5 PoA Man of Steel
Hands: Retaliation Mouse
Favorite turtle neck: Retaliation 3 pack Snake Eyes with the Arashikage symbol removed
Legs: 3 pack Snake Eyes
Suit body: MU Professor X

Pistol w/ silencer and uzi: 3 pack Snake Eyes
Molotov cocktail: Avac's Lab cast

Sterling Archer considers himself the top agent of ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). Other agents of ISIS consider him a self-centered, cruel, annoying, immature, cocky, alcoholic womanizer. Despite that, they also know when push comes to shove and all they have is a lacrosse stick and a bottle of vodka, there is no one else they'd want by their side. His unorthodox methods have gotten all of them out of more outnumbered and outgunned missions then any of them would care to admit.


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