head - grand slam - resculpted for widowspeak
torso, vest - inferno
hands, lower legs,helmet - sigma strike duke
mask - jungle snake eyes
hoses, tanks and air sampler - iron grenadier
soil sampler - gung ho

Always the unrepentant practical joker. Airtight dabbles in all sorts of pranks. Itching powder, whoopee cushions, plastic barf, everything you could ever think of and more. Such actions would have tested the patience of his teammates to their very limits. He would probably would have been thrown out long ago if it weren't for the fact that he's the only one who volunteers to suit up without hesitation for the missions that put him in direct contact with the worst the world has to offer. Cobra labrats are continuously developing ever more lethal concoctions and the fact that any one of them could be so corrosive enough to eat through that suit of his never seem to bother him at all. Airtight specializes in chemical, biological and radiological science and response. An interest nurtured by his strange childhood. As a boy, he would challenge others to his odd obsessions that included include testing his limits in offbeat ways (he could hold his breath the longest), collecting plastic dinosaurs and he thinks peanut butter and tomato go together as the perfect sandwich. Every year around Christmas he sends an angry letter detailing his discord of the cancellation of the series Firefly.

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