Head: Loki modified rounder chin
Alternate head: HACKS Lenidas
Torso: Dollar General Snake Eyes
Arms: Indiana Jones
Hands: RoC????
Legs: Ceremony Luke with HACKS inner thighs
Skirt: jar opener
Cape: Revenge of the Sith Captain Antilles
Dagger: Prince of Persia
Sword: Mutt Jones

Arya is the daughter of Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell until his lordship was removed. She is also the half-sister to Jon Snow who gives her, her own sword, Needle. Despite the chaos, death, and plotting all around her, Arya is a survivor. She is able to out manuever, outsmart, and surprise all who make the mistake of tangling with her. Through the process, she has leanred from many and become a traned assasin herself.

Made for NJC 98. The idea of using the Snake Eyes torso with the Loki head is what made me want to do this version of her.

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