All parts and accessories - Ace v3

The F-14 Tomcat is a Navy jet. No other US service branch ever operated it, in large part because it was designed specifically for use on an aircraft carrier. Now technically, the Skystriker is not an F-14, it's an XP-14F, which could be some Air Force variant of the airframe since it's clearly based on the same jet. But since the Joes have the USS Flagg, and since the Tomcat's airframe is so clearly built for aircraft carrier operations, it's a Navy plane in my Joeverse. Which means that Ace is a Navy pilot, since having someone other than Ace being the Skystriker pilot would not be acceptable.

This version of Ace is the pilot of the modern Skystriker released in 2009. It's just a paint upgrade of Ace v2, which is an excellent example of a great figure sculpt whose paint apps leave so much to be desired. There's lots of nice detail on the figure that you don't notice unless you go looking for it, since it's not painted.

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