Head: Big Boa, Modded with neck extrension
Torso/Waist: Road Pig
Legs: Big Boa
Arms: ?

For Ace, I was looking to the Batman Beyond idea that he is a huge automaton brute. To this end, I felt the Big Boa head was perfect, but didn't need the spikes on the helmet, so I ground them off. When I went to test fit the head in the Road Pig torso, the orginal neck all but disappeared. I remedied this by cutting the neckball off the BB, and using the neck and ball of a Corps! figure. I think the head sits a little high now, but it's much better than what it was. I really went with a minimalist paint job for him, which meant that the paint would be more apt to showcase mistakes. I wound up re-basecoating this torso 3 or 4 times from messing up the Spade on his chest. In the end, I used a Sharpie to draw the outline, and then filled with acrylic.

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