Head: McDonald's Happy Meal Duke
Torso: Duke v1 and PTE vest
Arms: Funskool Tunnel Rat
Waist: Shockwave
Legs: TBC General Hawk
Feet: BBi
Sunglasses: JFAK
Mic: BBi
45: General Hawk
Magnum: VvV Bazooka
Shotgun: Marauder Inc.
Zomibe dog: 3 footed Junkyard

I made Albert Wesker here for NJC #20. As soon as Resident Evil was named as the project I knew I had to do Wesker. He's one of my favorite video game villians. He isn't a straight up evil guy. Everything he does, good or bad, suits his own agenda.

For his look I kind of did an amalgamation of several of his appearances. I like his Umbrella uniform but I also like his super powered all black outfit.

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