Head: Keenan shrunk and cast
Torso: ROC Cobra Commander
Arms: MU Punisher
Legs: CS Snake Eyes
Vest: ROC Elite Viper

When I first made Blade, I wasn't sure how to bring him into my mostly-realistic EXCAL universe. I had him as a free agent/mercenary type, who had some affiliation to SHIELD, and who was being scouted by EXCAL. Generally, I left open the possibility that he could be supernatural in some way, by indicating there was something strange in his file, that needed to be investigated more closely.

The fact that I had no real role for him eventually led me to part ways with the figure. Sadly, I have since opened up EXCAL to various forms of mystics and monsters, and I plan to track down another of these heads to make a new one to keep. This is all the more true now that I have a quality Ryan Reynolds head with which to make a fine Hanibal King custom, as inspired by Blade Trinity.

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