Head: Star Wars Legacy Collection Ben Kenobi
Rest: PoC Dusty
Cloak: Ben Kenobi
Handkerchief: RoC Wal-Mart Tunnel Rat
Goggles: PoC Zartan
Sword: Marauder
Holster: PoC Gen. Hawk

As with my Batman custom, this was a practice in taking a character that wouldn't really belong in GIJoe and doing a more militaristic "real world" take on it. I scratch built the sword sheath out of electrical tape and some bits and pieces from a Spytroops Scalpel. It's able to move around a bit. I know that Obi-Wan generally doesn't use pistols but I figured in a military "real world" take he should have one so I gave him a revolver I had. I figured an older style gun like that would suit him. He prefers his samurai sword but the pistol is there when he needs it.

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