Head is Marvel Legends Ronan
Torso - Storm Shadow v1
Arms and legs - arctic Duke
helmet - IG shoulder pad

I wanted to update him some and DeadSpace was still really popular at the time. Even with all the base parts being white I still had to paint the entire figure to get it uniform.

Baron Ironblood was the Supreme Commander of The Red Shadows. A military force comprised of the scattered elements of the WW2 Nazi Germany and Japanese troops, growingly disillusioned Communist regimes that neither trust nor favor the seeming dominance of the Americans and European alliance. He has a presence that allows him to read coming tides of national powers, it allowed him to sweep in and collect those that would be willing to wage war on a Global Scale, warriors without borders, without a nation to fall. His endgame would be that The Red Shadows would be the foundation for another organization. He would be recognized by the Cobra Council as the First but not the last man to be called Commander.

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