head - ship wreck
helmet, lower legs - gungho
torso - grand slam
shirt, wristbands 1/6
bazooka 1/6

I always envisioned Bazooka as not slow like the cartoon but just had no real need to always talk, usually calm to a fault and pointing out the obvious.

Bazooka's trainers described him as a decisive fast thinker with the instincts of a natural survivor. Others would misjudge his quiet and often calm to a fault demeanor as being, slow. Bazooka was driving an Abrams tank as part of the Third Armored Division when he came to the realization that an insurgent rural farmer armed with a $200 rocket launcher can knock out a tank. While Bazooka has never quite projected himself to be a highly intelligent individual, he has surprises his teammates and foes alike with his strength and tenacity. Having trained on both sides of armor, Bazooka is just as much a qualified tank operator as he is an anti-armor expert. When he was sidelined after his encounter with Nemesis Enforcer, he had a chance to indulge in his passion for fishing and Fudgee bars.

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