Body, arms, legs: Iron Man Drone
Head: McFarlane Halo Marine
Gun: KO vintage Devastator

Transformers pretenders were released in 1988. The concept involved Autobots and Decepticons hidden inside organic ''Synthoplasmic'' shells. The inner robot could still transform. The outer shell was humanoid in appearance and could be used as a separate unit from the Transformer.

By 1988, I was no longer collecting Transformers, so I missed the Pretenders completely. I ''discovered'' them when I started collecting as an adult. In the line, among all the new characters, Hasbro released a few classic characters as Pretenders. That's what I chose to explore in custom form. I thought it would be a fun opportunity to bring an iconic character - Bumblebee - into Joe form. Since GI Joe and Transformers exist in the same universe most of the time, the Pretenders make for fun additions to the Joe ranks.

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