Head - Lady Jaye (modified)
Arms, waist, upper legs - Lady Jaye
Torso - Jinx
Lower legs - Airborne

Carbine - Bombstrike
Pistol - Grand Slam v3
Backpack - Marauder Inc.

We didn't get many female figures in the ARAH days, so when there's a non-ARAH female character, making an ARAH version of her is a necessity. So here's Bombstrike, a character from the VvV era of the Joes. I had her body put together for a while, but it took me some time to decide what to do for her head. I tried a few custom-cast parts, but none of them really worked, and there aren't many vintage female heads to choose from. I finally settled on removing Lady Jaye's cap and sculpting some hair on the top of her head. That, plus the fact that Bombstrike is blonde, gives me enough differentiation from Jaye that I'm happy with it. Overall I'm quite happy with how close this version adheres to the look of the original figure. I did think that a member of a secret covert ops force wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with their logo is a bit silly, so I didn't reproduce that part of the figure. I put a Combat Controller badge on her chest instead to make sure the shirt wasn't too plain. For weapons, I gave her an M1911A1 and the same HK UWSC carbine she came with originally, since it's a cool weapon and the accessory is a very good representation of the real thing.

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