Head. Tunnel Rat v3
Body. Dusty v1

Backpack. World peacekeepers
Rifle. Baroness v5

Code name. Bunk
File name. Park, Michael T
P.M.S. Desert Infantry
S.M.S. Rifleman
Birthplace. South San Francisco, California
Grade. Corporal E-4
S.N. P19-M90-T9172

I know this is an LBC. I like doing them sometimes. When I started doing customs I said to myself I wouldn't do an existing figure from the GI Joe or Cobra line. To me it is more fun to make up new code names & backgrounds.

Bunk got his nickname when he was at school and his friends always found him asleep between class whereever he could find a place for it. Despite that, somehow he was never late for anything.

His nickname carried on when he joined the army. There he flourished in desert conditions. It wasn't until 7 years later GI Joe came knocking at his door.

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