Head: Star Wars- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Starfighter pilot)
Chest/back: Star Wars- Barquin Dan
Arms to hands: NS Dr. Mindbender (labcoat uniform)
Hands: Star Wars- Tusken Raider
Skirt: Indiana Jones- Russian Soldier
Waist, legs: NS Frostbite


Boffin would have been the scientist for another Palitoy Action Force subteam, Special Weapons Force, which only made it as far as the prototype stage. I can't even talk about this character without mentioning bloodforthebaron.com, where I learned of it. "Boffin" is British World War II era slang for what today might simply called a science nerd.


The Palitoy figure would have had a beard and worn a uniform something in between a biohazard suit and a lab uniform. The Obi-Wan Kenobi head provides a beard, and the headset looks science-y. The rest of the parts look passable as Boffin's uniform. The Tusken Raiders hands are expressive, and also give the Dr. Mindbender arms enough length and size to correct the wonky proportions.

This figure is a great example of why I like going to the junk parts bin. None of the parts used are very good, but yet the custom was a fun build.

I'm well aware that the head somehow looks more like "Kenny Rogers 2060" more than a refined European guy. Which is odd, because it's just a repaint of an Ewan MacGregor head, who is a refined European guy.

Colors & Paint:

White, red, and orange. Like a strange saltwater taffy. Based on the prototype shown at bloodforthebaron.com, but in arranged in a manner that flowed with the parts.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neckpost was reworked to fit the neck socket. The shoulders were narrowed. Some mass was added to the back of the head and the shoulders. The headband of the headset was removed and smoothed out. The Dr. Mindbender hands were replaced. The lower parts of the chest/back were smoothed down to better fit with the belt.

Thanks for looking.

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