body - ninja armor snake eyes
helmet - battle field cobra commander
vest - crime boss destro
thigh guard - firefly v2
part of a firefly v2 belt for leg strap
short sword and sheath - snake eyes v1
leg armor - ninja armor snake eyes
rifle - 1/6th

The Bonecrusher - Cobra Gene Splicer

Bonecrusher is bitter towards Mindbender for always omitting the legitimate work he and The Interrogator put in to the creation of Serpentor. While Interrogator found the tombs and raided them, Bonecrusher actually refined the DNA enzyme extraction technique. The vials on his vest are samples he continues to collect should he find anyone of significance while in the field

Appearance is based on v2 of Interrogator from 1993 and name is also a reference to the color scheme shared with the Transformer Constructicon.

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