Head - '82/'83 Breaker
Torso - '83 tan Grunt
Arms, legs - '84 tan Clutch
Waist - '83 tan Grunt or '84 tan Clutch

Helmet - '83 tan Grunt or '84 tan Clutch
Headset, backpack - '83 Accessory Pack #1
Rifle - '85 Transportable Tactical Battle Platform

A basic custom that I'm sure many have done early in their customizing career. I did this back around 2013. Only difference between mine and those others have done are the highlights I did paint, like the belt, the boots, and even the button on the back pocket of the waist.

Makes me think how Hasbro could have done similar repaints and where they could be packed in. Breaker here would've been a decent fit for the '84 Bivouac.

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