Head and Arms - Link Talbot
Torso - Tiger Claw
Leggs - S.E. v. 19

Billy Kelly, aka Jaguar is a native of Compton California. Billy grew up on the mean streets of Compton fighting his way through school and getting into trouble with gangs. After almost being killed and locked up after a brutal gang war his mom sent him to L.A. to train by his uncle the Famous marshal arts instructor and actor from the 70's Jim Kelly. There Billy learned discipline and self control. His uncle and now sensei Jim has taught him to channel his rage and focus his anger. His strength and quickness and cunning earned him the name Jaguar.
Jaguar was recruited to become part of the American ninja team by Tiger Claw to participate in the Ninja wars started by the Black Dragon and the Black Dragon Clan. Fighting along side with Kamakura, Snake Eyes Jinx and other marshal arts experts, the American Ninja team is off to meet up with representatives of the Dragon Masters to plan for the defense of the world against the impending threat of the Black Dragons.

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