Head - Beach Head 25th Anniv.
Alt. Head - WWII Nazi Ultimate Soldier?
Torso - Duke Resolute
Arms - Duke Comic 2 Pack
Hands - Duke Resolute
U. Legs - Beach Head 25th Anniv.
L. Legs - Barbecue 25th Anniv.

Vest - Duke Resolute
Beret - Beach Head 25th Anniv. (removed from vest)
Shoulder Pads - Flash ROC (removed from vest)

My inspiration for this rendition of Beach Head obviously came from the file card. The filecard artwork was issued in 2002 along with a figure that looked nothing like the awesome character designed on the back.

I made it my goal to get as close to the original concept as possible, without frustrating myself.

The alternate head was an idea I had early on. Having seen Sideshow Collectibles 12 inch Beach Head unmasked, I thought it'd be cool to try something similar. I knew the face selection would have to be key so I decided on using a head from a WWII figure I bought about 8 years ago. I'd never done a head swap so I had one chance to get it right. I cut the head off, Dremeled the inside and it fit great! It was also my first time painting a face, which I mainly used a push pin to get the details.

Adding the shoulder pads took some thought towards the end and I was planning on using Super Sculpey to shape them out. Never happened. I was at ToysRUs, bought a couple of ROC figures and after I got home I realized the shoulder pads on one of them was very close to the shape I needed and would look better than anything I would make.

I'm very pleased with the final results.

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