25th Crimson Guard - Base Torso
ROC Destro - Upper Legs
ROC Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes - Arms, Alternate Open Hands
ROC Rescue Mission Snake Eyes - Lower Legs
ROC The Doctor - Black Coat
Marvel Universe Blade - Red/Black Coat
POC Cobra Commander - Chrome Head
Resolute Boxed Set Cobra Commander - Silver head, Black helmet
2009 Cobra Boxed Set Cobra Commander - Hooded Head

An experiment in dyeing led me to finally putting together my own "Ultimate" Cobra Commander. I've always felt black and red were colors of rank in Cobra, and think the Commander is his most menacing in black.

I began with what I called the "Reloaded" look, the hooded head and the black and red coat.

I then realized that figure also looked good without his coat, and sculpted the "jaw-fang" details from his recent comic design on to a Resolute head and added his black helmet. I call this his "Resolved" look.

After it was suggested seeing what he looked like with the black ROC Doctor coat, I tried on the POC chrome head and was very pleased with the results. I call this his "Risen" look.

I also really like the "Resolved" head without the black helmet, just the silver mask. After years of brainstorming and day dreaming about tackling a Cobra Commander for every occasion, I now have a very versatile figure that can be adapted to various looks, purposes, and even continuities.

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