Head: Bandai Gashapon/Statue, modded (alternate head = microman?);
Torso: MU Black Widow
Limbs: ROC Baroness
Whips: modular, using lightsaber handles and various attachments.

(catsuit zipper replicated with metal rung from small spring, plus thread)

Selina Kyle is a graduate of the Black Widow program. She was assigned, on contract, to the Gotham Police Department, to help deter an anticipated crime spree based upon the Bat Man's departure for EXCAL, when that first happened some years ago. Before leaving, Bat Man even extended the training of Selina himself (as he did many others for similar purposes, during this same time). It was during this personal training that a romantic relationship began.

After Wayne moved his base of operations out of Gotham, the Catwoman quickly made a name for herself as an elite crime fighter in her own right. But despite her feelings for Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle felt that she was a slave to the system, and wanted nothing more than to be out of her Black Widow Program Contract with Gotham.

In what was likely nothing more than an extreme expression of freedom, she started her own crime spree. At first this happened while "moonlighting" as it were, still maintaining the facade of a crime fighter. She was making a killing, as the normal GPD had no chance at hanging with her advanced skill set, and since the Gotham PD version of Catwoman wasn't turning up new leads on this "mysterious new criminal threat," she was basically free to pilfer the city at will.

Selina Kyle's first mistake was to underestimate the Bat Man. For she did not know that he had planned for all contingencies, and Wayne had contacted his old friend, Dan Dreiberg, with instructions to dust off his old Nite Owl suit, and to investigate thoroughly any suspicious activity in his stead. It was thus that the Catwoman's crimes were discovered. She has yet to be caught, however; she is simply now a full time criminal, with her long desired "freedom" - but only so long as she evades the Bat Man, and evades other Black Widow agents who now have a hit on her for the severe breach of contract she committed.

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