Both versions use Jungle Assault Duke for the torso and legs.
Head sculpt is POC Snow Job
Desert Ambush uses ROC Duke arms and vest with FOV pouches various figures
Bushmen Version uses ROC City Strike Duke upper arms and POC Duke Jungle assault lower arms

Born and raised in Alabama Catfish spent a lot of his youth in the mountains of DeKalb County, but also loved to spend time in the southern swamps hunting gators. With his diverse knowledge and experience in various terrain and climates Catfish has developed into one of the finest sniper scouts G.I. JOE has to offer. He has split his time with the Desert & Mountain Ambush squad Team Whiskey and the newly formed Bushmen who have been spending time in South America as Cobra has been secretly building relationships and staging posts for what has been revealed through Intel from the locals. All financed through the NWOA (New World Order Alliance) in what is expected to be an assault on the U.S.

Catfish loves his southern rock and will often be playing it on his headphones. He is a very aggressive person and considered the squads clown offering comic relief during stressful moments as nothing seems to phase him.

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