Head: 25th Major Bludd & Battle Armor Cobra Commander modded with greenstuff, rivets and stereo wire
Upper arms: ROC The Doctor w/ Iron Man shoulder pads
Torso: ROC the Doctor
Lower arms, hands: ROC Accelerator Armor Duke
Legs, feet: POC Destro
Vest: POC Firefly
Rifle: ROC Flach
Crossbow: Clone Wars Udo
Backpack: 25th Jetpack Cobra Soldier, Resolute Duke, and Iron Man arm rocket

Primary Specialty: Chemical Warfare
Secondary Specialty: Jetpack Pilot
File Name: Eliott "Vapors" Chambray
Birthplace: Nags Head, North Carolina

Eliott Chambray was an exceptional chemistry student whose hobby was meteorology. He was the winner of many graduate studies grants for his work in developing weather-manipulation techniques to try to prevent the violent storms that plagued his hometown. Upon graduation from graduate school he accepted a top-secret position with the US Government continuing his weather manipulation studies. However, Chambray was notoriously lax with safety precautions, hence the nickname "Vapors." Eventually constant exposure to the very chemicals he was using to help others began to take its toll on his sanity. Chambray disappeared suddenly, only to turn up a few years later working for Cobra.

It is believed that after his "break" with reality Chambray sought out Cobra, having heard of the technology known as the "Weather Dominator" and other super-science projects Cobra had funded. Chambray met with top Cobra officials and proposed that their Night Vulture troops, using specially designed Jetpacks that broadcast toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, could effectively distribute weather- and mind-control agents over large population zones. Their goal: extortion or total domination!

Chemtrail was my third character submission for the Original Character Custom Contest. One of the guidelines was that the character should "fit in" with continuity, and this guy had the most tie-ins, being in the Night Vultures Corps (that's why he uses a crossbow) and having been attracted to Cobra based on the Weather Dominator--I liked making this guy and I hope you like him, too.

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