Head and lower legs: 25th Viper modified
Arms and torso: Cobra Soldier
Thighs: Spytroops Agent Faces
Shoulder armor: Clone Wars Clone Troopers
Chest armor: Spytroops Shipwreck
Arm guards: Apoxie sculpt and vinyl straps
Cape: Emperor's Royal Guard, Green stuff, and Apoxie sculpt broach
Pistols: Chap Mei
Shoulder strap holster: Indiana Jones satchel and BBi holster.

This figure was created for artist Roberet Atkins' IDW Cobra Commander Custom Contest. I think everybody had the hardest time coming up with something that looked like the arm guards from the comic design. They are fluid and rounded in places but have levels to them and some sharp edges. I tried to get the general shape without hindering articulation.

I really liked how the chrome faceplate looked on other people's versions and I wish I had gone with that instead. The cape was tougher than it should have been.I wanted to make it removable but didn't have the time to do it properly. So the green stuff got a little stretched out in the process. It still functions and still comes off but the back isn't as pretty as I sculpted it the first three times.

My original intent was to go all black with the basic uniform under neath but that would have hidden all of the straps and belts. So I just went with the black for the helmet instead.

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