Head: Resolute Cobra Commander (resculpted)
Torso: ROC Shockblast (resculpted turtleneck collar)
Coat: ROC Cobra Commander
Arms: ROC Cobra Commander
Upper Thighs: ROC Cobra Commander
Lower Legs: Resolute Cobra Commander

I was really fascinated by Cobra Commaner's look in the Cobra I and Cobra II books. It was a Corporate-Military styled Cobra Commander, with the turtleneck and coat but still wearing some officer's boots, It had an air of authority and at the same time was pretty casual. I knew I wanted one for my collection.

So I went ahead and tried my hand at making one for myself. the hardest part was the sculpting of the helmet with those tiny fangs added by the "jawline" but the rest of him was fairly easy.

I had all the parts I needed and went straight to work with the guy. If there was one thing I would change it would be the torso. I'd probably find something that was less wrinkled. but I guess that's a revision for another day.

I still need to do my version of Krake Commander.

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