Head: Glassman Customs
Rest: RoC Ripcord
Flight pack: Resolute 7-pack Duke

This is my take on Superman in a "real world militaristic" setting, like my Batman custom. I went through two other heads before I settled on this one for this custom. I started out with a DC Infinite Heroes head which looked like Superman well enough but was a little more cartoony than I would have preferred. Then I had ordered a head from Onyx Phoenix Productions that I liked better. I was set to go until I saw a custom posted here of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from Predator that used a head that was a perfect likeness. I asked where I could get one and was directed to Glassman. I contacted him and he directed me to his web store where he had other heads too. I looked around and found that he also sold a Chris Reeve Superman head. Chris Reeve is and always will be Superman to me. He's what I grew up with and his movies were a big part of why I've always been interested in the character so naturally I HAD to get that head and use it on my custom.

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