Head, thighs, gear: Vintage figure
Torso, arms: Bazooka
Lower legs: Resolute Duke type
Armor: Spytroops Heavy Duty

I know this character is far from realistic but I've always liked him regardless. When I decided to do a modern era version, I wanted to try and make him a little more legitimate but not loose his football connection. His filecard says that he was the quarterback for the West Point team so that's where I started, researching the uniforms. I found that their uniform colors were black and gold and while I figured the pants would work, I thought he wouldn't look much like Grid-Iron with a black shirt so I decided to compromise. I did some more searching and found a place that sells army licensed football jerseys and they had one that was green and gold, meant for infantry which I felt would be perfect for Grid-Iron, especially since Infantry is his secondary specialty. I also decided to paint his "pads" black to bring in more of the West Point football connection. I tried to use some water slide decals to put some numbers on his jersey (O3 which is his rank) but they didn't turn out as well as I hoped and just blend in with the jersey. Oh well. I figure it can be explained away as just being faded due to battlefield wear and tear over the years.

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