Head: Flint v13 (as Cobra Trooper)
Upper Body: Shipwreck v12
Legs: Python Patrol 'Officer' v2
- Helmet: Cobra Commander v26
- Goggles: Desert-Viper
- Life-Vest: Shipwreck v12
- Cutlass: Desert-Viper
- Shotgun: Marauder Inc
- Cobra Patch: Cobra Stickers

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Maritime Vessel Operations
Secondary Specialty: Naval Boarding
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E1 and higher

Cobra's Navy naturally requires trained crews to man its vessels in the conduct of routine and combat operations at sea. Whilst Lampreys, Eels and Snow Serpents may be the more well known and advanced components of Cobra's maritime force, the vast majority of Cobra's Navy consists of regular sailors. These "Naval Troopers" operate the systems and machinery aboard Cobra's ships and subs. Frequently, as sailors have always done, they conduct off-ship operations are part of naval boarding parties to search and seize other vessels.

The Cobra Sailor depicted is a Petty Officer, equipped to conduct just such activity or to operate the small boats involved in such raids.

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