Head: NS Zartan
Chest/back, arms, waist, upper legs: SW '98 Droopy McCool
Hands: Wolverine and The X-Men Cyclops
Feet: NS Burnout
Sidearm: ???


Another "Now a Joe" figure, putting VENOM's Cliff Dagger into the Joe universe as Cobra Commander's personal driver. There have been some amazing customs of Cliff Dagger that pay homage to the original Kenner figure by following its design. Since that's been done, I decided to push the design away from being stocky/muscular into outright fat territory. The Droopy McCool body was a great starting point, with the large Cyclops hands added on to keep up with the figure's size and create a sense of distorted proportions.

Ultimately, this figure fails because of the oversized hands. It wasn't until the figure was fully assembled and painted that the hands really jumped out. Though it's a disappointment, I still like to showcase the bad figures because even they have some artistic merit.

Colors & Paint:

Taken from the Kenner figure, but with dark slate instead of black for the stocking cap to make it more distinguishable from the eyepatch.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head, hands, and feet were blended onto the Droopy McCool body. The rim of the stocking cap, eye patch, neck/shoulder fat, and lower pants legs are all sculpted. The arms were originally statically posed in a position to hold a musical instrument. I cut the arms and repositioned the lower parts. Though the arms are still statically posed, they are now better for holding weapons or gripping a steering wheel or holding a pizza box.

Thanks for looking.

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