Retaliation Crimson Guard body
Renegades Tunnel Rat head
Renegades Ripcord webgear
Dollar General Duke holster
Retaliation Wave 2 Firefly holster
Various Christmas themed odds and ends from a craft store
Laser printer waterslide decal paper

This ornament was made for my son as a part of my family's Christmas time tradition. We all get an ornament that represents our interests during that year. We do this every year. So that when I got married and started getting a tree on my own away from my parents house, I had 20-some ornaments to take with me and start decorating my own tree. They range from a dog, to a turtle, to a baseball player, to Garfield, to Ren and Stimpy, to the Simpsons, to a 69 Camaro, to a groom, to a pregnant wife, to a father. It is actually pretty neat to look at the dates and think about that those times of my life. I highly recommend it to anyone with kids out there. My son is currently obsessed with Peanuts cartoons and in particular Snoopy and Woodstock....and he likes Joes too.

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