Modded Avengers Movie Cap (waist swivel added)
MU v.1 Boots
Steve Rogers MU harness
Magnets added to shield, left forearm and back
Both heads from Avengers movie figures

EXCAL disbanded for several reasons. The public relations reason is that MEDUSA was "no longer a threat," though nobody knew that for a fact. They knew only that the organization completely removed itself from the public domain.

History will blame then President of the U.S., Adama, for pulling the plug on all funding of the organization.

The more accurate reason might include both of the above, but combined with the emergence of SHIELD as the premier terror fighting unit in the world.

Initially after the MEDUSA war "ended," Steve Rogers put aside his patriotic uniform, and went for a more hands-on tactical approach, largely in order to recruit some of the EXCAL heavy hitters. Knighthawk was one such recruit, and for a short time they together led a group comprised largely of former G.I. Joes, as they worked to clean out residual MEDUSA terror cells.

Since that mission concluded, however, numerous other heroes of Cap's magnitude have emerged, so inexplicably so. New threats seem to go hand in hand with each new hero, so Cap has returned to his original style of uniform, though his new version is greatly modified and enhanced. He now leads a team called the Avengers.

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