Head from a Dragon Ball Z Cell mini figure, torso, neck, upper legs and uper arms from a B.A.T. V4, lower arms from Snake Eyes and feet from the Destro comic pack pilot figure. The gun is from a Rise of Cobra Baroness figure.

Cell was secretly created by Darklon in his hidden lab under his covert Draxon corporation. Having been betrayed by both Cobra Commander and Destro and having barley survived Destro's bombing of his castle, Darklon employed the secret aid of ex-Cobra agent Cesspool and began working on bio-organic weapons. Having stolen some samples of Cobra's Compound Z, both men began to try to create the ultimate soldier who could easily take down their enemies. After two failed projects (unit 00-1 and 00-2) Darklon merged mantis DNA with human cells and combined it with an advanced version of Compound Z which was altered by Cesspool. Thus the bio terror known as Cell was born into this world.

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