Head: '93 Gristle
Torso: '89 Downtown
Arms: '93 Outback
Waist: '90 Stretcher
Legs: '91 Heavy Duty

My plans to create a complete team of Action Force figures has been an ongoing process and is including both existing and new characters.
Carabiner is one of several new characters added to the team's line up, and serves as the teams mountain Trooper.

Carabiner is a bonafide rock star. When not chasing Rock Vipers down a mountainside, he's being chased by groupies! Carabiner is frontman for a still unknown British rock band. He's often brash and uncouthe, and he claims to hail from rock star loyalty but his teammates aren't sure what that even means.
Carabiner is also a rock star when it comes to traversing actual rocks. He's a skilled climber with advanced light infantry training.

This was a fun figure to put together. I didn't go with the rock star characterization until selecting the Gristle head. There was a different head picked out, which my cat playfully knocked off my table and lost. In the end I am glad I went this route as the character being a "rock" star both on and off duty is very Hama-esque to me.

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